UMG Membership Rules

We were once accused of being “Un”structured (what else could we be?), so we decided it was time to post these rules of membership. Anyone interested in joining the UMG must be able to follow these three four simple rules:

  • Be able to attend a public show with us in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or PEI, assisting in setting up and/or dismantling the layout and/or educating the public during the show. Operational experience is not necessary.
  • Express interest in, have, or be planning to build an HO module compatible with our standards. Our standards can be downloaded here in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.
  • Put up with our tomfoolery. We are mainly a self-regulating group. No mean spirited attacks of a personal or professional nature, flaming, bigotry or racism will be tolerated. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No UMG member is allowed to dance on modules, whether scantily clothed or not. (Not that this has happened, we just want to prevent it…there were rumours).

Note: Those unable to follow our simple rules will be Right Guarded (we ran out of Ban already)!

Ric – “Un”ruly Rules Coordinator