Video taken with an iPhone mounted in a iCar from Minuteman Scale Models at the Moncton Model Train Show, April 19, 2014.

The UMG is an informal group of model railroaders from the Canadian Maritimes. The idea for this group came from the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders (MFMR) email list. Dara (aka Father) suggested that modelers in the Maritimes that are not associated with a club can feel a bit disconnected. He thought that a “non-aligned” modular group would encourage these folks to become more active in the Federation.

The idea blossomed from there. We developed standards based on Free-Mo with help from MFMR list members. Free-Mo standards allow for a more flexible design than traditional oval layouts. Design flexibility is important since we can not be certain which modules will be available for any particular show.

Like any other well organized group (who us?) some membership rules were required. Our rules coordinator, Ric, developed these rules with a bit of help from fellow UMG members.

Questions?  Send us an email – UMGGuysatGmaildotcom